Published in Bytestart 21 October 2015:

One of the big problems for businesses today is that fewer than 20% of employees are fully engaged at work. This is, of course, a huge waste; for the individual, the team and the company.

As a company, you pay for 100% of employees agreed work time. If your employees are not fully engaged, this means you are only getting a small part of their paid-for capability – and they are not fully valuing their own time.

So how can you improve employee engagement in your business and what benefits will it bring?

Engaged employees are interested in their work, they are motivated and committed to doing a good job, they are involved in what goes on, they are willing to go above and beyond if needed, they do what it takes to contribute to something that’s bigger than themselves. They feel good about themselves and their contribution. They behave as if it’s their own business; they are the owner of the company mission or task, rather than a passive observer. Enthusiasm is shown in behaviour as well as in words.

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