Learn to master change leadership, which is just as important – if not, more so – than change management.

For years, managing change has been a key necessity for organisations across the globe.

Managing change is largely a reactive response to changes that occur, in order to make those changes work. Being able to manage changes ensure your business can effectively handle the circumstances brought on by internal and external events.

But simply managing change is not enough to make the most of opportunities on the horizon; we also need to be able to lead change.

So, should we add ‘change leadership’ to our vocabulary, alongside ’change management’?

What does socalled ‘change leadership’ involve?

Be proactive
To lead change is to be proactive. It’s thinking ahead: ‘What do we need to do next, how do we need to change to be able to meet customers’ / the world’s needs to be successful?’ It’s looking around you: ‘what’s going on in the market, the world and the society I’m in? What do I need to be aware of? What are the signs that things might be changing or that they should change?’

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