Article published in Management Today, October 2015:

It’s worrying that, according to Gallup, less than one fifth of British employees are fully engaged at work. This is a massive waste for individuals themselves, their team and their organisations.

Disengagement means that team members don’t operate at the level of efficiency they are capable of and therefore only perform a limited amount of work. On top of that, disengagement is contagious and it often drives engaged employees away, leaving employers with those who aren’t. Getting your staff on side can seriously boost a business's performance, so improving engagement should be a key focus for any manager.


By involving your team members, rather than just telling them, you invite them into a conversation that can engage interest and ownership. The greatest buy-in happens when people have been involved in a solution rather than just being told what to do. You are showing that they are important by including them, and that’s hard not to connect with.

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