Article in WeAreTheCity published August 2015:

There’s a worrying trend that fewer and fewer of those now starting their careers are interested in becoming leaders. And we can sympathise with that.

In fact, we are sometimes amazed that there are people out there who want to be leaders at all. It’s not necessarily an easy job. The expectations on a leader are high; being skilled in multiple areas is a must.

And still, that’s how it should be. As a leader you have a direct impact on how engaged your employees are, how much of their creative, forward-looking self they bring to work. And engaged, committed, energised employees is the key to a profitable, healthy and sustainable company.

So the expectations on leaders should be high, because that’s how important leaders are. If you’re a leader, you need to see (and on some level understand) each person, be aware of the uniqueness of each person and make sure those unique qualities are maximised and utilised. This requires emotional and social intelligence, which are concepts that have not been given enough importance in leadership so far. But it’s time now. And it’s becoming more and more important. The speed of change is fast and the ability to go beyond “policies and procedures” is a big aspect of what leaders that want to thrive into the future need to excel at.

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